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Tinted Rear Lights For £60

If you want a quick, simple and cost effective styling modification to subtly change the back end of your car, van or camper, then our tinted rear lights services is something you should really take a good look at.

With prices usually around £60 for a pair of rear tail lights to be tinted, it’s a really low cost way to make a big difference to the look of the rear of your motor.

Tinted Rear Lights


Tinted Rear Lights On Red or Chrome Clusters

It doesn’t matter if your original rear lights are red clusters, or chrome/silver clusters, our black tinted rear lights film will easily cover them, and totally transform the look into something really special, and a little bit different to other similar cars, making you really stand out from the crowd, but in a subtle and stylish way.

Chrome Tinted Rear LightsBecause of the unique design of our film, it means that the correct amount of light is allowed to be transmitted through the film, so the light cluster still work efficiently and are compliant with MOT regulations. This ensures you keep on the right side of the law.

If we fit tinted rear lights film to your light clusters, the whole process can be reversed without damage if desires, as the film is able to be removed to return your tail lights back to their standard finish and appearance.


Here’s a few more examples:

Tinted Rear Lights

Tinted Rear Lights


If you have any questions or would like to book your vehicle in for Tinted Rear Lights, just call us on 01743 466100.